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April 01, 2021

Dear friend,

I want to let you in a little secret.

The fastest way to become influential is by multiplying your persuasiveness.

You see, persuasion is an element of influence.

Persuasion is when you get people to comply and do what you want them to do.

This typically involves a process of some kind.

It could be a presentation, a conversation or a negotiation.

But a process takes place that results in the other person cooperating and complying.

Do that enough times and you start to become influential.

Let me explain..

Having influence is when you have such an impact on people that they do what you want them to do without really even asking them.

Or without the “persuasion process”.

In other words you don’t really do anything to persuade them. They just become part of your tribe.


The Secret To Increasing Your Persuasiveness & Becoming Influential Without Doing Extra Work

What if there was something you could do to your persuasive message that would instantly make it reach more people without adding more to it or having to go through the persuasion process more times?

The secret lies in the “viral effect”.

The more viral your content or messaging becomes the more people are exposed to it.

As more people become exposed to it, your sphere of influence grows.

I experienced the power of the viral effect first hand when I launched my course The Code of Influence.

As part of my launch strategy I had numerous partners promoting the course to their tribes.

At one point we had 200,000 people visit the site.

The result?

Within one week I nearly quadrupled my income, by email list and my reach.

And I’ve continued to grow since then.

Now I actually get paid tens of thousands of dollars to teach these strategies to others.

Take The Luck Out Of “Going Viral” With My Personal Step-By-Step Persuasive Playbook…



A Complete 10 Step Video Training Course That Will Show You How To:

Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Discover As You Learn How To Create Viral Content And Messages…

Salepage: https://influentialmind.com/viral-persuasion-secrets-funnel/
Archive: https://archive.ph/JUl0J

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Paul Mascetta - Viral Persuasion Secrets
Paul Mascetta – Viral Persuasion Secrets
Purchase this course you will earn 10 Points = $1.00!